Next residential weekend workshop: “Be YOUR OWN LEADER: Possibility, Purpose and Impact” @ 1440 Multiversity on Nov. 15-17, 2019

Next residential weekend workshop: Whitney will be leading a related workshop “BE YOUR OWN LEADER: Possibility, Purpos, and Impact” at 1440 Multiversity on November 15-17th. To find out more and to sign up, CLICK HERE.

In a world of endless chaos and complexity, it has never been more important to take charge of your life and future—if you don’t, who will? You’re invited to this weekend of purposeful self-discovery with Whitney Vosburgh, author and transformation catalyst. Come look inside yourself to uncover your unique gifts and create a road map to your future.

At this workshop you will learn the three steps of your leadership path: Purpose, Place, and Practice—your destiny, your community, and your method. You’ll explore mindful and creative inquiry, group and one-on-one sharing, journaling, and visualization. You’ll experience embodiment work, intuition walks, and hands-on practices like building a tangible prototype of your purpose.

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Last weekend workshop—”BE THE CHANGE: Change Yourself, Change The World: Align your inner power with your purpose.” It’s never been more important to take charge of your life and future. Led by Whitney Vosburgh it will be in Berkeley on August 17-18th. The same workshop on August 10-11th SOLD OUT.

“BE THE CHANGE: SHARE YOUR GIFT, CHANGE THE WORLD: Align your inner power with your purpose” weekend workshop

Workshop Testimonials:

"I recently attended the workshop Share Your Gift, Change The World led by Whitney Vosburgh. It consisted of a series of exercises designed to first establish what your “gift,” or unique ability/skill/quality is and then to determine who is the best audience for your gift and how to reach them. It was a day and a half of very enjoyable and productive work. Whitney was excellent. His gentle, low key style stands in contrast to my experiences at other workshops where I’ve felt like I was being rushed from one thing to the next. In this workshop Whitney kept things interesting and his intelligent, witty and occasionally whimsical style made it incredibly enjoyable. But it was so much more than a pleasant experience. I left with a strong sense of my gift and, importantly, a good idea of who would benefit the most from what I have to offer and how to find them. It was an incredibly productive 10 hours and I strongly recommend it to anyone who is looking for self-development in this area." ~ Arthur Vibert AV Video Testimonial

“Whitney knows how to create a safe, comfortable, space for participants delve deep into the work of personal discovery. Hie leadership is organized, relaxed and inspiring. During the ten hour workshop there were moments for exploration, creativity, discovery, team work, meditation and much laughter. I left feeling like I had gotten in touch with parts of my self that I had forgotten, or neglected. It was such a positive experience! I hope to participate in future workshops that Whitney offers. He's a soulful gem.” ~ Maryclare McCauley MC Video Testimonial

"As an entrepreneur in a busy world full of choices, it's easy to get off track with what's important to you. I believe that pressing the "pause" button periodically is essential to staying true to yourself and on track. I paused to attend the Share Your Gift, Change The World workshop by Whitney Vosburgh. I enjoyed the exploration and the journey in reconnecting me with my gifts, and left feeling reinvigorated and ready to move forward!" ~ Kimi Avary KA Video Testimonial

This workshop came just at the right time. Being between careers, I was able to define my purpose, passion, and outlines of a plan to move forward. Whitney's presentation style and format helped myself and the other participants develop an instant sense of camaraderie and collaboration. Well worth the time spent.” ~ Heather Merriam

In a world filled with unprecedented change and amazing opportunity, it has never been more important to take charge of your life and future — if you don’t, who will? If not now, when?

We all have a bonfire waiting for us deep inside... all we need is to find our match, ignite our fire, and set our world ablaze. But sometimes we need help in finding that elusive match.

Come and look inside, and see yourself in new ways and expand your personal leadership capacity in just a few days. And walk away with a visual life map and pathway to start creating your future, starting today, with a focus on your:

1) PURPOSE: Why? your unique gift/s — your destiny.

2) PLACE: Who and Where? your community and stakeholders, and where to find them — your destination.

3) PRACTICE: How? your practice of best serving them — your journey.

Everyone has at least one unique gift: Discover what yours is, who will most benefit from it, where to find them, and how to best share it. All too many of us have been giving away our power to others for far too long... it is time to reclaim what is rightly ours and be the change we wish to see in the world.

What You Will Gain: Through this workshop, you will gain a deeper understanding of where you came from, where you are, and where you are going — and will leave with a life map and pathway that will help you to start putting it to work and bring it to life for the benefit of you and others. You will learn that the path consists of three major steps: Purpose, Place and Practice — all based on sharing your unique gift/s — and you will learn how to connect, make a difference, and leave a legacy.

Come and start the process with Whitney Vosburgh, co-author of the best selling WORK THE FUTURE! TODAY books and transformation catalyst, to find your path and begin your journey to Purpose, Passion and Prosperity, guided by your North Star.