— HOW? —

Finding and following your North Star is mission critical.




Our world has lost its way and has no apparent core purpose, along with our misleaders and misleading institutions. Our worldview and beliefs were built upon massive industrialization and commercialization that is unsustainable, and does not promote a life-affirming sense of community and sustainable way of life for all.

If you knew what tomorrow would look like, what would you be doing today?

The future is far too important to wait until tomorrow—we must work the future, today—and our practice is to help you do that.

Our goal is to aid in the creation and realization of the New Story for a select group of forward-looking leaders, their teams, organizations, stakeholders, and communities.

In order to successfully cross the chasm from the Old Story of Profit First to the New Story of Purpose First, two things are required. First, building the capability to make the journey and, second, actualizing that capability—living out your shared purpose.

There are two basic kinds of social organizations that attend to building capability and then living it out: Companies are the organizing force for getting things done in service of everyone. Communities are centers of capability building through education and socialization. The path to shared purpose and value is not clear, particularly as it moves into the future and all that it entails—change, complexity, and chaos.

Our pathfinding practice focuses on applying the strategies and solutions that offer the most value-added for each unique client.

Your Future: Are you going to design the future, or is it going to design you?