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Latest live links for our 2019 Pocket Pal.


Since web links/URLs change over time, you can get the latest links here by chapter:

Chapter 1:
Go to futures camp:
• And take a peek at:
Get smart:

Chapter 2:
Great deep dive on the idea:
Very wide range of ideas, motivations, and things to do:

Chapter 3:
• Telling your story:
• Setting intentions:

Chapter 4:
• “ForeSight 2025” Book by C. Grantham et al:

Chapter 5:
• Alliance for Innovation, premier site for civic innovation:
• International City Management Association, great global perspective:

Chapter 6:

• Get leadership on board with a ‘balanced scorecard’ process:
• Here is a site with reviews of what others have done:
• Practical, roll up your sleeves stuff: “ForeSight 2025” (Chapter 7):

Chapter 7:
•Do a gap analysis of the difference of what you think your brand is and what others think it of:

• A nice view of the global perspective:
• Useful definition of brand community:

Chapter 8:

Conduct a Delphi Panel project to identify a collaborative vision:
Create an Audit and Response System to leverage program results (Chapter 7):

• Here’s where you go to learn how to think about strategic foresight:
• Basic grounding information:

Chapter 9:
• Great short case studies:
• How to make your first decisions. Hint—start with collaboration:

Chapter 10:
• Dan Pink, “Drive”:
• Charles Grantham “The Future of Work”:

Chapter 11:
• DO—A great primer on a complex topic:
• DON’T:

Chapter 12:
• Great resource for formal tools for network mapping:
• Catalog of apps to build your network:

Chapter 13:
• The classic article on the business perspective of shared purpose in action:
• A ‘how to’ guide:

Chapter 14:
• Practical tools to guide transformation based on purpose:
• State of the art for personal leadership development:

Chapter 15:
• A contemporary guide to making the journey: http://www.awakeningtowholeness

Chapter 16:
If you have gotten this far you know there really is only one resource you need to be aware of:

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